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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy my blog!

the henneberry family teaser

oh man, i loved this session. katie wanted me to shoot at their new home/property in woodinville. they have the sweetest little mini orchard and the most beautiful wooded back drop. more to comeimg_5220img_5325img_5311

Holiday Mini Sessions Part 2

I had a second round of Holiday sessions a couple weekends back (shooting my 3rd this weekend). But Kennedy and her folks got me big time. img_4195 img_4235

In the throws of Holiday Mini Sessions

round one of my holiday mini sessions was a few weeks back- before the rain and the wind. it was a gorgeous morning and all my little families killed it in their 25 minute time slot. my second round of mini’s is this weekend. i have some november mini’s as well- contact me- i’m opening up some space due to demand. thanks to all of you!!!img_3917 img_3706img_3834img_1896img_1750 img_1332 img_1198

img_1551 img_2730 img_2818 img_0415 img_0447 img_1177 img_2566 img_2457 img_2533 img_3237 img_3042 img_3149 img_3320 img_3335 img_2209 img_2107 img_2002

the moore family

i think some of you think i’ve taken a small break from photography because i haven’t posted much, but that isn’t the case. i’m just getting around to blogging summer sessions and am in the thick of shooting my holiday mini sessions. it’s crazy. this session here was one of my last summer sessions taken at golden gardens. the moore family was days away from leaving for London where they were going to be living for 3 months. how incredible is that? i started photographing them when sarah was pregnant with their oldest, hartley and our session was here. fun to always come back to the place where it began. this family is full of so much love and joy and pure fun.

img_7527 img_7561 img_7539picmonkey-collageimg_7527img_7514img_7582img_7336img_7370img_7319picmonkey-collageimg_7351img_7350img_7361img_7330img_7398img_7405picmonkey-collageimg_7459img_7418img_7428img_7502img_7610img_7668img_7689img_7713img_7809img_7810img_7818picmonkey-collage



so long late summer nights

hard to believe 3 weeks ago, i was at the beach at 8 pm shooting. img_6321

their curls are everything.

IMG_0817IMG_0956IMG_0793PicMonkey CollageIMG_0899IMG_0769IMG_0788IMG_0729PicMonkey CollageIMG_0766IMG_0866IMG_0952IMG_0928PicMonkey CollageIMG_1181

golden gardens maternity session

almost 3 years ago, i photographed caroline and her husband chris when she was first pregnant. now, they are weeks/days away from having their second little girl. i absolutely love golden gardens when the sailboats are out. it’s just my favorite! enjoyIMG_9225IMG_9243 IMG_9208 IMG_9226 PicMonkey CollageIMG_9189 IMG_9325 IMG_9254IMG_9289PicMonkey CollageIMG_9355IMG_9328IMG_9341IMG_9294PicMonkey CollageIMG_9614IMG_9623IMG_9485PicMonkey CollageIMG_9420IMG_9435IMG_9544PicMonkey CollageIMG_9525croppedIMG_9440IMG_9573IMG_9671IMG_9675PicMonkey CollageIMG_9738IMG_9753IMG_9765IMG_9719IMG_9773

still here

i will be honest. it’s hard to keep up with blogging all my sessions and keeping up with life. i want to be better and show more from each of the sessions i am doing. but, this one photo just has all my heart. i’m obsessed with the sailboats, the wind, and the belly. stay tuned!IMG_9250

ava, 9 months

i get asked a lot what are my favorite sessions, and these milestone ones with just babe and mama always come to mind. and ava and kelley made this a fave little session for sure. it was just so simple and to, so very pretty and sweet. this little ava is a doll and she sure loves her mama. so happy to be able to document these moments for people i adore. IMG_7416 IMG_7435 PicMonkey CollageIMG_7436IMG_7460xIMG_7462xPicMonkey CollageIMG_7470IMG_7481xIMG_7526PicMonkey CollageIMG_7531IMG_7548xIMG_7577xPicMonkey CollageIMG_7631xIMG_7593xIMG_7594xPicMonkey CollageIMG_7613xIMG_7602xPicMonkey CollageIMG_7722xIMG_7695xIMG_7679IMG_7688x