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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy my blog!

Monthly Archives: January 2012

lily, new

most newborn sessions are captured within 10 days of life. this one.. was at 7 weeks. this is lily. and all her bits and pieces. all the things that as a mother, i know i’d never want to forget about my little one. and since this newborn stage is so very fleeting… it is so […]

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abundant love

how these were taken well over a month ago, i have no idea. a favorite session of mine to date. jo is a co-worker of megan’s at children’s hospital and was one of my very first clients.. i took pictures of her, karen and her precious pup who is now in heaven. that was like 3+ […]

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through my lens: 2011

2011. you were grand. i grew my business…which still amazes me. to think that my little ‘this & that’ blog created this is pretty neat. i had so many repeat clients.. and i still can’t thank all of you for the growth of my business due largely to referrals… who am i kidding. 100% based […]

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8.5 months

in my eyes, he could not be any more perfect. i love every ounce of roundness on him. my boy is 8.5 months. can’t hardly believe it.

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3 months, and some change

at three months, you feel like you have known this little being your whole life… how is it that 3 months can seem like forever and also like nothing? this is my first session for the new year. i shot reese’s newborn session back in september (i seriously can’t even remember september)…. and am lucky […]

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dalebroux family mini session

i don’t know how my client’s do it. they bring it. and they open up. and they seem to forget i’m slam bam in their faces… lots of times just inches away. lots of times making a fool of myself… maybe that’s what they are laughing at, huh. the dalebroux family comes from wisconsin… and […]

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the month of december

the thought of doing a whole christmas post was very daunting to me.. especially since i still need to do a new year’s post, plus so many sessions for 2011 still. yikes. so- i put a mishmash of our month of december up… it was lovely. so very, very, very lovely.

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some london lovelies

all the way from london.. and as lovely as their accents. how we managed in early december to find a spot full of fall color i’ll never know. but am so thankful we did. shabs really wanted something she could have in her photos… that would always remind her of her family’s time here in […]

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