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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy my blog!

Monthly Archives: March 2010

my muse

upon thinking about it, i’ve decided i’m a bit weary of those humans without pets. just saying. *i should also mention that while i almost always detest sepia- for some reason this tone seems to work for these shots of the hound. don’t expect to see it much more than this though.

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she likes presidents names… like kennedy

one of the first things i asked kelly was how she came up with kennedy’s name and she said that she liked presidents names. she then gave a list.. and i realized- i really do too, especially her little girls name- kennedy. remember how i said kelly was probably my most excited and maybe a […]

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our snaps {arizona family time}

i stayed with ryan and sundi while my mom started out at colin and brittany’s. we met up on day 2 at colin’s house so the cousins could play, play, play. and they did not dissapoint. so fun to see the interaction between the boys and the girls. so far- girls are really proving to […]

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maybe a little bit county, maybe a little bit rock n roll

excited to begin working on these three, but for now this will have to do. so far, kelly (the proud mama) wins the award (if i gave em out) for most excited and maybe most nervous. the combination was the sweetest.

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how my garden grows

if i was stripped of everything i had- i would be happy as long as my hands could dig in dirt and i could watch my flowers grow (oh, as long as my family, husband and animals were sitting next to me). i can get lost in my yard for 6+hours- getting out there as soon as its […]

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i couldn’t resist all the close-ups of her. she’s just so perfect. after we were done inside, we found the perfect cherry blossom.

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anna, 6 months

oh man. her big blue eyes suck me in each time. i shot anna’s 6 month picture this morning and couldn’t be happier with the new camera. i promise- this is the last time i’ll mention it (that might be a big fat lie). i couldn’t resist these of her. so  many cute ones to […]

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