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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy by blog!

making 3 kids look so awesome

our first half our or so we had to get creative. julie forgot mia’s outfit. she basically threw the kids into the car afterschool, and forgot mia’s clothes back home in issaquah- which is not a fun drive during rush hour. so, we got creative and just sandwiched mia inbetween her crazy older brothers and god, they are so good with her! i mean, so, so good. thankfully, deano (dad) made it back with mia’s clothes & we were able to get everyone together. these are some of my favorites. anytime i can get some real honest to god interactions- and total fun stuff mixed with sweet stuff- i sort of sing a happy tune in my head and do cartwheels. mia is the perfect addition to this family. she softened these awesome little boys into dynamite big brothers. had such a fun session julie! thank you!

IMG_2046IMG_2056IMG_2194IMG_2255PicMonkey CollageIMG_2079IMG_2151PicMonkey CollageIMG_2099IMG_2674IMG_2718IMG_2712IMG_2682PicMonkey CollageIMG_2624IMG_2896IMG_2845 IMG_2858 IMG_2853PicMonkey CollageIMG_2804 IMG_2831PicMonkey CollageIMG_2358 IMG_2481PicMonkey CollageIMG_2049 IMG_2452 IMG_2462IMG_2551 IMG_2555IMG_2205 IMG_2273


i can’t wait to go through more of these. these three are possibly the cutest, right? that little mia. she is seriously the luckiest little sister ever. IMG_2144 IMG_2151 IMG_2156

the flinn’s, holiday mini session


i seriously am so lucky to have new clients reach out to me as awesome as this family! love the love they have- and they have a hound dog like me! their hound happened to listen a bit more than mine, and actually look at the camera when i said ‘treat’. thank you michele and family! loved meeting you all, even if for just 30 minutes. and you guys would die if you saw where we were shooting. literally in a parking lot that looked like a beautiful field!

IMG_3244 IMG_3257 IMG_3264 PicMonkey Collage IMG_3280 IMG_3135IMG_3070 IMG_3073 PicMonkey Collage IMG_3019 IMG_3176 IMG_3139

the erickson’s

a favorite family of mine to photograph each year and i’m so thankful they make the drive to make it happen. i’ve been photographing them since before eda (youngest) was even born and ava and ila were just small littles. i think pictures stress this family out a bit, but for me- i know i’m always going to get a bit of magic because of their connection. katy is a fierce mama & i so admire her constant want to be a better mom. she has a desire unlike anyone i know to constantly grow and nurture her girls, and i think she’s doing an awesome job. thank you erickson’s. another year of pictures in the books! xo

IMG_9773 IMG_9651 IMG_9781 IMG_9799 PicMonkey Collage1 IMG_9746 IMG_9600IMG_9581 IMG_9626 IMG_9641 PicMonkey Collage IMG_9389IMG_9660 IMG_9664 PicMonkey Collage2 IMG_9347 IMG_9676 IMG_9529PicMonkey Collage4

the doran’s & their holiday mini session

the first time i’ve ever met another jocelyn! this is jocelyn and her darling little family. her little girl dane was giving me some serious mug & i loved it!! how gorgeous are her eyes?? and i loved her teeny little outfit.  so amazed sometimes at how much i can get from some of my sessions in just a half hour! makes it so hard to choose my fave images. one of the best things i love about my annual holiday mini sessions is that i always get to meet new clients- so fun! thank you guys!
IMG_0337 IMG_0345 IMG_0321 IMG_0343 IMG_0317PicMonkey Collage IMG_0105IMG_0073 IMG_0180 - Copy IMG_0185 - Copy PicMonkey CollageIMG_0222 IMG_0230 IMG_0206IMG_0167 - Copy

the hildebrand’s mini session

sometimes the stars align and you meet people you should probably be friends with. and sometimes you want to kidnap their kids because they are so damn bomb. i mean, i can’t handle little man’s face. his hair. the way he kept holding his mama’s hand. ack. i have a serious crush on that little brown eyed pal. such a fast, great, easy session. glad i finally got to meet this family. i know so many people in their inner circle, that i swear- i felt like i knew them, but nope. first time and so great! xohIMG_9885bwPicMonkey CollagehIMG_9858hIMG_9910bw hIMG_9929 hIMG_9933PicMonkey CollagehIMG_9988hIMG_9942 hIMG_9827bwhIMG_9902 hIMG_9972hIMG_9965bw


go together with fall like peanut butter & honeyeIMG_9347 eIMG_9496

the turner’s mini session

i photographed amanda and LT in the exact same spot when amanda was pregnant with sienna. some of my favorite pictures to date. and just like then, we got so lucky with another beautiful evening with gorgeous light. sienna had us laughing that is for sure! she was full of it and that can a nightmare for parent’s because they think we aren’t going to get any good shots, but it’s a photographer’s dream because we know we are gonna get some great ones. enjoy!turnerIMG_1717 TurnerIMG_1753 turnerIMG_1805 PicMonkey Collage turnerIMG_1606 turnerIMG_1601 turnerIMG_1894 turnerIMG_1882PicMonkey Collage turnerIMG_1893 turnerIMG_1904 turnerIMG_1941PicMonkey Collage

red wagon & boots

whenever i have a mini session, i get a little nervous. like- can i capture a family in 30 minutes in the way i’d like to? can i bring out personalities? can i find pretty light? can i? can i?  the answer is- i can’t do it alone- but with awesome clients- i most certainly can. what’s even more awesome about this mini session- is they brought their two dogs- bandito and ruby. so cute!


KIMG_5348PicMonkey Collage kIMG_5338kIMG_5331kIMG_4966 kIMG_4950PicMonkey Collage KIMG_5233 kIMG_5066 kIMG_5054 kIMG_5125


the cantu’s

 the leaves were just beginning to turn and we were having thelast days of our indian summer. seems like forever ago- considering all the rain and wind we’ve gotten this past weekend, but it was less than a month ago. enjoyed meeting this family & hanging out with them. they knew how to laugh, how to make eachother laugh and have fun. and that boy chase? such a good older brother. loved the ones of him holding his baby sister. siblings. the best. ever. 
cIMG_3867PicMonkey CollagecIMG_3942 cIMG_3694 cIMG_3811BWcIMG_3920 cIMG_3954cIMG_3909cIMG_3978cIMG_3833BWPicMonkey CollageCIMG_3477 cIMG_3502 cIMG_3594PicMonkey Collage cIMG_3521 cIMG_3407cIMG_3465 cIMG_3442