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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy by blog!

red wagon & boots

whenever i have a mini session, i get a little nervous. like- can i capture a family in 30 minutes in the way i’d like to? can i bring out personalities? can i find pretty light? can i? can i?  the answer is- i can’t do it alone- but with awesome clients- i most certainly can. what’s even more awesome about this mini session- is they brought their two dogs- bandito and ruby. so cute!


KIMG_5348PicMonkey Collage kIMG_5338kIMG_5331kIMG_4966 kIMG_4950PicMonkey Collage KIMG_5233 kIMG_5066 kIMG_5054 kIMG_5125


the cantu’s

 the leaves were just beginning to turn and we were having thelast days of our indian summer. seems like forever ago- considering all the rain and wind we’ve gotten this past weekend, but it was less than a month ago. enjoyed meeting this family & hanging out with them. they knew how to laugh, how to make eachother laugh and have fun. and that boy chase? such a good older brother. loved the ones of him holding his baby sister. siblings. the best. ever. 
cIMG_3867PicMonkey CollagecIMG_3942 cIMG_3694 cIMG_3811BWcIMG_3920 cIMG_3954cIMG_3909cIMG_3978cIMG_3833BWPicMonkey CollageCIMG_3477 cIMG_3502 cIMG_3594PicMonkey Collage cIMG_3521 cIMG_3407cIMG_3465 cIMG_3442

the towne’s

love this first pic of little leo. his mom told his dad ‘that’s enough’ after leo was hanging upside down for some time. love his static-y blonde hair! the towne’s met up with me at the arboretum for my holiday mini sessions too! leo was dressed to the nines and had me on my toes. this age of his- well, it can be a little hard to photograph because these little humans just want to explore. but man, isn’t he the cutest?tIMG_5902tIMG_5928 PicMonkey CollagetIMG_5684 tIMG_5737TIMG_5696 TIMG_5708PicMonkey Collage

the bunyard’s

the bunyard’s came out to my first round of holiday mini sessions a few weeks ago. they are such a gorgeous family. little jack and i hit it off real nice!


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life with boys

looks a little something like this. cowan

bastron family

whenever i get home from a shoot, my husband bennett always asks who i shot. lately, i’ve had so many new clients- that i just tell him nobody he knows. and he just looks at my like he doesn’t believe me, because so far- he sort of almost knows everyone some way or another – basically 6% of separation here on the eastside. so, it has been so great meeting new clients- who have come to me by referral. it’s the highest compliment i can get. and this sweet family was so awesome! they came to me from a favorite family of mine. i loved their vibrant colors and loved that vivian chose the location. something new. and how gorgeous is that lighting? we met at the arboretum, on one of seattle’s last indian summer days. it was stunning. leaves were just beginning to change and drop to the ground. enjoy the bastron family!
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i just get to look at little faces like this and call it work

the conniff boys and their lady

when they rolled up in 2 cars, i mean- 1 suv and 1 truck- i was seriously just laughing to myself because there was heather waving and smiling at me- car full of boys and one huge dog, and then pat coming up the rear in his truck that i requested they bring. over text, brainstorming ideas with heather- i mentioned i thought it would be so cute if they brought pat’s truck. heather told me she had a love/hate relationship with the truck and asked if they could have some pics w/o the truck. i laughed or LOL’d via text- and said of course. i just want to try a few pics with the truck. so glad they agreed because i have to be honest. this session takes the cake for me. i just love how seriously simple it was- even if we were maybe running around yelling at the boys to ‘come back’- or be yelling at ‘bogey’ so he’d look at the camera. or realizing we had to hop a fence to get into that field- only to realize we would not be getting bogey over that fence. this session is why i do photography. to me, these pictures will freeze this family 30 years down the road in time. they will remember cole and that football. the boys climbing in and out of that truck. heather looking so fly after 3 kids. the way cole loved on his dad. the funny faces case made and how tiny cruz was. this family is a reminder of truly how sweet life is.
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the miller’s

i like how i can count on certain clients a certain time of year. for the miller’s it’s usually late summer/early fall. i have been photographing them since reece was just one year’s old. and it really has been so cool to see how much he has grown just this past year. we laughed over our session last year because reece wasn’t so into me, but this year he was seriously THE best! and how cute is he in his seahawk cast? poor buddy broke his arm at his birthday party! and i have to say- i love that carrie didn’t postpone pics until he got the cast removed- because it is seriously too cute. plus- a great thing to always remember. that’s the beauty of pics. they tell a story. thanks miller family!
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love the one your with

and hold em close. turnerIMG_1909 turnerIMG_1907