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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy by blog!

3 girls in love

they love my brother like no otherryanandgirls

and this guy too

my boy is 7 months


and we just love him so.

sam7mnthsIMG_4778 sam7mnthsIMG_4783 sam7mnthsIMG_4752bw sam7mnthsIMG_4763 sam7mnthsIMG_4746bw sam7mnthsIMG_4776 sam7mnthsIMG_4738 sam7mnthsIMG_4714bw sam7mnthsIMG_4732 sam7mnthsIMG_4757 sam7mnthsIMG_4797bw Sam7mnthsIMG_4813 sam7mnthsIMG_4806bw

at home with sawyer

 this little girl and my sam are right about the same age. she is a sweet, happy, darling girl. she didn’t fuss at all. even through 4 outfit changes. she just kept smiling. love her big bright eyes. and how cute is she with her bear? enjoy sawyer at 6 months. you’ll be seeing more of her at 9 months too.


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sawyer6IMG_2932bwsawyer6IMG_2559PicMonkey Collage

sawyer6IMG_2278 sawyer6IMG_2390

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sawyer6IMG_2436bw sawyer6IMG_2431bw

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sawyer6IMG_2736 sawyer6IMG_2736bwPicMonkey Collage

sawyer6IMG_2723sawyer6IMG_2797bw sawyer6IMG_2798bw

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April 9, 2014 - 12:34 pm Amanda - LOVEEEEEEEEEEE! So sweet and adorable! I die with Sawyer and her bear. Too freakin cute!



my twin ryan and his girls. these three turned 6 years old while i was visiting them. where has the time gone?


new baby, new mama


backyard magnolia wedding



a beautiful home. a beautiful backyard. a beautiful view. a beautiful couple married on a beautiful day.

Evan & Meg ( i do) 003

Evan & Meg ( i do) 005

Evan & Meg ( i do) 015

Evan & Meg ( i do) 159

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 312

Evan & Meg ( i do) 309bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 343bw

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 405Evan & Meg ( i do) 413

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 711bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 743bw PicMonkey Collage

Evan & Meg ( i do) 737bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 792

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 794 PicMonkey Collage1

Evan & Meg ( i do) 888

Evan & Meg ( i do) 691

Evan & Meg ( i do) 246bw Evan & Meg ( i do) 189bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 255

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 185

Evan & Meg ( i do) 924bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1484 Evan & Meg ( i do) 1467

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 1501

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 1471bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 859

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 864

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1370

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1367

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1336 PicMonkey Collage

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1279

Evan & Meg ( i do) 970

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1352bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 873 Evan & Meg ( i do) 1059 PicMonkey Collage

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1105 Evan & Meg ( i do) 1114

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1088bw PicMonkey Collage

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1655

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 1826

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 1830 PicMonkey Collage

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1840

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1852

PicMonkey Collage Evan & Meg ( i do) 447 Evan & Meg ( i do) 446

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 1594

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1593

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1596

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 1613

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1860

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1760

Evan & Meg ( i do) 1877

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 2079

Evan & Meg ( i do) 2097 Evan & Meg ( i do) 2103bw

Evan & Meg ( i do) 2154Evan & Meg ( i do) 2092bw Evan & Meg ( i do) 2093bw

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 2106bw

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Evan & Meg ( i do) 2197

Evan & Meg ( i do) 2215bw Evan & Meg ( i do) 2288bw








i am attempting to do a 365 photo project. you may recall i tried this about 2 years ago and got about half way through before i quit. it became too much. this time around, i’m using my iphone and uploading/sharing my pics on my instagram feed. so far, i feel really inspired by the project and find it soooo much easier than when i was using my dslr and uploading each day onto my blog. wish me luck in my 2nd month!

i can be found as jocelynkbrown on instagram! if you’d like to follow me go over there. thanks!

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February 4, 2014 - 8:40 pm sandie brown - even though I see them every day. I love these pictures...I love seeing your babes thru your mom

sam baker, 4 months


samPicMonkey Collage6

i feel so lucky to have had such easy babies. i say that and i really really mean it. it’s a huge blessing. one i count my lucky stars for.when luke was such an easy baby everyone kept telling me ‘oh you just wait till he turns one- and then when he turned one’, i heard ‘oh wait till you have your 2nd one, he’ll be a little hell raiser’.  well, my little sam baker is the furthest thing from a hell raiser. he is a love bug. a sweet heart. my pal. luke’s best friend (according to luke). the cutest redheaded addition to our family. he is easy going and full of smiles.his is so much like his brother and yet so different. a sweet soul just like his older brother. and i couldn’t as for anything more than having 2 sweet little boys.

January 22, 2014 - 10:22 am Danielle - Man he is so stinkin precious! You seriously make the most adorable little men! I'm glad you don't listen to the morons that say crap like JUST WAIT! I say enjoy the precious moments that go too fast because all too soon they won't want to hold your hand or snuggle in your lap or run around the house naked all day.

February 4, 2014 - 5:51 pm Brie :) - I love this kid. I really really love love love him.

in 30 minutes it was very clear to me

tate rules the world. if you can’t tell, she ‘s the littlest one, but man- a little spitfire this one. brie isn’t looking awesome because of all the runs she’s doing these days, it’s because she’s chasing her littlest around. if you don’t know this awesome family- you would love them and be inspired. brie over the last year has seriously transformed her body. i asked her how she did it/why etc. and she said she found her inner athlete. how much do you love that?? pretty amazing stuff.

PicMonkey Collage BFamilyIMG_0188 PicMonkey CollageBFamilyIMG_0245


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miller family mini session

 celine and reece weren’t too smitten with me. and sometimes that can be hard when you know you only have a half hour. but carrie rallied, and figured out a few ways to get reece to smile and be ok with me taking their pictures. she played the invisible game and it worked magic. good job mama! i love the first shots of celine and carrie together. such sweet mother/daughter moments. carrie recently quit working to stay at home with her kiddos and is loving it! i think it’s pretty obvious her kiddos adore her. thanks miller family!



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millerIMG_2133 millerIMG_2098

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