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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy my blog!

sweet girl

more to come of bentley & her sweet familyIMG_9308

these best peeps

this is just my 2nd time photographing this family and we just do a mini session, but man do i think they are awesome!
IMG_1143 IMG_1148 IMG_1079 PicMonkey Collage IMG_1150 IMG_1054 PicMonkey CollageIMG_1071IMG_1168IMG_1138PicMonkey CollageIMG_1047IMG_1105


family is everything right? well, one of my favorite things from last year was i started photographing more families with mom, dad, grandparents, sisters, brother’s etc. and to me these photos are everything. they are the photos you will look at years down the road and be thankful you have them. just saying:)IMG_5197IMG_5245IMG_5228

ava, 3 months

i could photograph these people all day long at their house. & i could sit on their front porch all day long. IMG_5641IMG_5656IMG_5787 IMG_5658PicMonkey CollageIMG_5824PicMonkey CollageIMG_5969IMG_5962IMG_5910PicMonkey CollageIMG_5870IMG_5859IMG_5916

golden light

i adore this family. the boys absolutely love their little sister and how could they not? she’s darling. thank you ungaro family!!IMG_2307 IMG_2293 IMG_2348 PicMonkey CollageIMG_2355 IMG_2387 PicMonkey Collage IMG_2399 IMG_2750 IMG_2731

all that glitters is gold

the best thing about this year’s holiday mini sessions was meeting so many new clients! how darling is this family?? and a huge thank you to kim kertson (longstanding client) for referring me. referral business is how i get my business- so i thank you tons and tons!IMG_0926 IMG_0932 IMG_0941PicMonkey CollageIMG_0980 IMG_0975 PicMonkey Collage IMG_0844 IMG_0988PicMonkey CollageIMG_0889 IMG_0999 PicMonkey Collage

fall leaves and little white flowers

this was a beautiful fall afternoon. so pretty. with the fall color and then the summer left over some pretty little white flowers. love surprises like that. this was one of my holiday mini sessions, but i got a bit more time with them because they are so wonderful to be around. kelly is like- the sweetest person ever. and they have baby #2 on the way. fun to document that for them. enjoy!
IMG_2412PicMonkey CollageIMG_2415IMG_2158bwPicMonkey CollageIMG_2111IMG_2238bwPicMonkey CollageIMG_2258PicMonkey CollageIMG_2426IMG_2338bwIMG_2349IMG_2360bw

December 8, 2015 - 2:04 pm sandie brown - Love this little sweet

evergreens & lakeside

lived in the area my whole life and have never shot at waverly beach in kirkland. i have to say i loved it. the perfect PNW vibe- evergreens and lake on a fall almost winter day. kirkland is so damn epic this time of year. and brad, becky & coto killed it. such a fun loving couple who absolutely adore their dog. i loved all the sweet & funny interactions with becky & brad. super down to earth and cool couple with love eachother tons. doesn’t get much better than this for me.
IMG_6911PicMonkey CollageIMG_7119IMG_6915IMG_6963 - CopyIMG_7130bwIMG_6983PicMonkey CollageIMG_7084IMG_7088bwIMG_7101PicMonkey CollageIMG_7115IMG_7021bwPicMonkey CollageIMG_7121IMG_7173IMG_7048bw
And then we took it water side. 
IMG_6775IMG_6758IMG_6717PicMonkey CollageIMG_6750IMG_6709IMG_6743bwIMG_6739
IMG_6793IMG_6812bwPicMonkey CollageIMG_6685bwIMG_6809IMG_6609PicMonkey CollageIMG_6841bwIMG_6815PicMonkey CollageIMG_6783

frosty little baumann’s

omygosh. i love, love, love photographing this family. it’s the best source of entertainment for sure. FULL of personality. all of them. FULL of life. all of them. we were shooting in early 30 degree temps and the sun was slipping behind us, but it was beautiful out. and brie nailed everyone’s outfits. so festive. so so so good. and can we also just talk about brie’s legs??? do you see her muscles? she looks so good. good job baumann’s. we did it! xo. IMG_7218 IMG_7222PicMonkey Collage IMG_7237 IMG_7238PicMonkey Collage IMG_7226IMG_7339 IMG_7298PicMonkey Collage IMG_7517IMG_7255 IMG_7261PicMonkey CollageIMG_7400IMG_7401 PicMonkey Collage

meet mitch.

beautiful boy.IMG_5511