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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy by blog!

jeff + renee |engaged|

i think beyond their gorgeous good looks, what shines through the most is just how very much in love these two are. head over heels in love. they are set to marry in september at benson winery in lake chelan. lucky me that i get to document their day. i’m so excited to see these two tie the knot. congrats jeff & renee! xo


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the moore family


i met this family when sarah was pregnant with their now 3 year old hartley and have been taking their pictures ever since. they are naturals in front of the camera. it means everything to me when my clients come back time and time again and share themselves with me. i feel lucky to document where they are in their lives. just today i was sitting on the couch with my mom looking back at pictures of me when i was 1 years old. i like thinking that one day, 30 years from now, sarah and her girls will be doing the same thing. thank you moore family!


mooreIMG_0932 mooreIMG_1035 PicMonkey Collage mooreIMG_0916

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August 15, 2014 - 3:35 pm sarah - These girls made you work hard for these shots and they turned out great!! Thank you, thank you! I too hope that 30 years from now our little family can snuggle together and look at these :)

Reid in all his new newbie newness

i feel lucky to document growing families with their little ones at home. as a new(er) mom, i feel like i know and truly feel how sacred this time is and how damn fast it goes by. and also as a mom with boys, i totally get how these types of at home pictures can go when you have a toddler and a newborn:) so, baby reid came 3 weeks early! he surprised his little family by doing the unspeakable and actually breaking his mama’s water (seems like that never happens any more). i first met the johnson family when their first was born- and they had me into their darling home to capture their first boy finn and all his newness. now finn is 2 and really only cares about baseballs & basketballs. to get him to be in the family pics- we actually had him throw a ball at me while i shot them. worked like a gem!

welcome to this world reid. you are a tiny little peanut and sweet as they come!

PicMonkey Collage reidIMG_9513reidIMG_9541reidIMG_9561bw PicMonkey Collagea


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jeff & renee teaser


i’m the lucky chick who gets to photograph these two’s wedding in chelan come september.  this is what happens when the stars align, or maybe the sun, the tree, and the guitar.


mother, daughter

my last 2 shoots this week, mamas and their daughters are just killing it.

BIMG_1846 mooreIMG_1022

blowing bubbles

 a while ago, i did a super quick session, so these two could get a ‘save the date’ out for their upcoming wedding. soon we’ll be shooting their engagement session and then in september i get to shoot their wedding in lake chelan

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welcome baby reid

last week i met up with this little beauty. he was the teeniest and sweetest little baby. excited to show more!


the brooking’s come to kirkland

i have been photographing this family since price (almost 4) was just a bean in reenie. i then documented price’s first year- and then when reenie was pregnant with parker, then parker’s newborn pics and then last year when parker turned 1. now parker is 2, and price is almost 4 and i couldn’t enjoy this family anymore. they are salt of the earth. they are just real people. i initially was trying and trying to get price to come out of his shell, when reenie said, honestly- i’m happy if you just get him being him and from there it was like this ‘ahhah!’ moment and i just let price do this thing. he came alive throwing rocks and climbing the big log. but his thing is playing with his hands and then he does this cute little thing with his hands up to his mouth. those show who he is right now at this exact moment and i adore reenie for wanting the realness of her kids, rather than a ‘perfect’ picture. and then there is parker. she is her mama. quick to smile- sure of herself. spunky. and i was so glad kadin was here- our last shoot was without him and he was missed. i love the shots of him and price. you can tell they are such good pals and have a really sweet bond. and reenie and kadin together are one of those couples you aspire to be like. sweet and kind to eachother- and funny- and quick to laugh & loving. yes. this family is doing this whole family thing up real nice. thanks brooking family. i always love seeing your faces.



brookingIMG_7820brookingIMG_7797 brookingIMG_7843

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brookingIMG_7886 brookingIMG_7881

brookingIMG_8277 brookingIMG_8244 brookingIMG_8265

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brookingIMG_8112 brookingIMG_8145

brookingIMG_8100 brookingIMG_7806 brookingIMG_7827

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brookingIMG_7899 brookingIMG_8473 brookingIMG_8477

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brookingIMG_8025 brookingIMG_8353 brookingIMG_8367 brookingIMG_8347 brookingIMG_8340

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brookingIMG_8415 brookingIMG_8359 brookingIMG_8478 brookingIMG_8495

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keane is one


this past year with this family went by so fast. i documented kyler’s first year, then documented when lynne was pregnant with keane- and then keane’s first year. what a love this little boy is. such a sweetheart- such an easy guy to get to smile. he was hamming it up pretty damn good. kyler had lynne and joey running around pretty good and it was muggy- so we were all a bit warm, but we got this family doing what they do, and most importantly we captured keane walking, standing, crawling, loving and smiling. pretty sure all the things he does. thanks partridge family for another great year! xo

keaneIMG_7056 keaneIMG_7049 2 Collage keaneIMG_7063

keaneIMG_7140 keaneIMG_7209 3Collage

keaneIMG_7094 keaneIMG_7123 1 Collage keaneIMG_6804bw keaneIMG_6809 keaneIMG_6669

keaneIMG_6670 keaneIMG_6696 keaneIMG_6663 4 Collage

keaneIMG_6747 keaneIMG_6749 keaneIMG_6751

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June 26, 2014 - 10:49 am Lynne - LOVE them all!! Thank you.

sawyer, 9 months

 she is one of the sweetest babies. and she’s one of the good ones. she smiles, she got changed like 5 times and didn’t fuss. did i mention she smiles? all. the. time. you might remember her from her 3 month, or her 6 months photos. this age though at 9 months is just too cute. her mama told me that she’s crawling, just got her first teeth and says mama. and the buttercups? pretty cute for a bunch of weeds huh?


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sawyer9IMG_6112 sawyer9IMG_6008

PicMonkey Collagebw sawyer9IMG_5988bw

sawyer9IMG_5905 sawyer9IMG_5896

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sawer9IMG_5889 sawer9IMG_5883

PicMonkey Collage2 sawyer9IMG_5938

sawyer9IMG_6021 sawyer9IMG_6057

PicMonkey Collage3 sawyer9IMG_6066

SAWYER9IMG_6264 PicMonkey Collage5


June 11, 2014 - 11:39 am Amanda - LOVE. Those buttercups are the best!

June 12, 2014 - 11:40 pm sandie brown - I love the one with the buttercup at her lips...perfection.