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my name is jocelyn & i'm a natural light photographer. i specialize in lifestyle photography & really trying to capture you and your loves ones as naturally as possible. please enjoy my blog!

perfect in plaid

absolutely LOVED seeing this family twice this year. these girls are so awesome. thanks Nolan family!IMG_2010 IMG_2035 IMG_2042 IMG_1863IMG_1953

these peeps

kill it for me everytime. and it’s no small feat doing this in 30 minutes i might add. so good. all the time. and my oh my how they’ve grown. ari was little. there was no briggs or quinn when i first started working with them. this is my jam.
IMG_2680PicMonkey CollageIMG_2574IMG_2668IMG_2564bwPicMonkey CollageIMG_2739bwIMG_2541IMG_2519bwIMG_2481xIMG_2566bwIMG_2668IMG_2646bwIMG_2607IMG_2714PicMonkey CollageIMG_2653IMG_2492PicMonkey Collage

November 13, 2015 - 8:27 pm Meghan - I love these. Simple dimple. You are so talented. Xoxoxo.

November 13, 2015 - 10:00 pm Steph - Oh my word!! Jocelyn you capture the personality and beauty of all of them so perfectly!! Girl, your talent is so inspiring!!

oh boy

it had been 3 years since i’d last seen these faces. they now have a little brother (more coming of them all), but i just loved this shot of these two. couldn’t decide between b/w or color. something about boys and childhood in b/w. so very nostalgic. IMG_3905 IMG_3905bw

and then littlest brother climbed onIMG_3911IMG_3911bw

the real deal

one of the best things about my holiday mini session crazyness… is that i get to meet tons of new clients and this family happens to be one of them. had such a good time in just 20 or so minutes! their kiddos were so happy and energetic… love that for my sessions. and how cute is abby? loved her constant smile. thank you burtness family! IMG_1686 IMG_1657IMG_1688bw IMG_1671PicMonkey Collage IMG_1694 IMG_1696bwIMG_1766PicMonkey CollageIMG_1814 IMG_1736PicMonkey Collage IMG_1756bwIMG_1795IMG_1839IMG_1851bw

November 10, 2015 - 8:10 am Abby - Love them Jocelyn! Thank you so much!

their faces

each. and. every. single. one. of. them. so FUN.


in love with kennedy

her skin was perfect. her chin was perfect. her full head of hair was perfect. and how much she is loved is beyond perfect. PicMonkey CollageIMG_9710IMG_9887PicMonkey CollageIMG_9654IMG_9631IMG_9669PicMonkey CollageIMG_9742IMG_9878bwIMG_9902IMG_9909PicMonkey CollageIMG_9885bwIMG_9705

November 3, 2015 - 9:12 pm sandie brown - what a beautiful baby...great pics Jos!

waiting for baby brother

i shot shannyn’s maternity pics when she was pregnant with sawyer. i was pregnant with sam and our due dates were within weeks of eachother. for their first shoot we did lots of outfit changes… had time to pose etc…. but things are a little different when you have a 2 year old in your pics. lol. sawyer kept it real for us. and isn’t she the cutest?? she’s a perfect mix of both shannyn and andrew. this time around they are expecting a baby boy. so fun! and lucky me. i’ll be documenting his first year like i did sawyer’s. xo
IMG_9297 Collage IMG_8857PicMonkey Collage IMG_8858 IMG_9375CollageIMG_8940PicMonkey CollageIMG_8971IMG_8986PicMonkey CollageIMG_8809IMG_9489IMG_9482PicMonkey CollageIMG_9500

fall is here


little boys & their moms

it’s true what they say. little boys have their mama’s hearts. IMG_7689


if you know hudson & bennett, you know this sums these two up perfectly. IMG_8538